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Hello! A little about me... I'm a thinker, a visualizer and a creator. I'm happiest when I'm making something out of nothing and can allow my mind to drift into imagination. With over 20 years of experience in the commercial and film post production industry, I'm well versed in what it takes to make unique and thought-provoking content both creatively and technically. Working hard and continuously feeding my cravings to learn and expand has always been a cornerstone to success.

As Creative Director, I am able to pull from my years of experience supervising teams of talented artists for visual FX and CG animation on some of the most highly recognized and awarded commercials and short films in the industry. Throughout my career I have been exposed to a wide variety of free thinking that spans many brands and personalities. Having spent a large amount of my career at Psyop, I have absorbed and learned from some of the best creative talent the industry has to offer and I look forward to incorporating my past experience into my vision for future projects.

My passions include sports, gaming, music and just about anything that lets the mind wander into an imaginative state. This industry has afforded me so many opportunities to see so much. Whether it is Los Angeles, New York, Chicago, Seattle, London, Lisbon, Prague or Bucharest, I have found there's a limitless world of culture and knowledge to experience. I'm excited for the ride ahead! Have a look around and enjoy!

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  • Savannah College of Art & Design
  • Pratt Institute
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  • Psyop
  • Brand New School
  • Motion Theory
  • Superfad
  • Luma Pictures
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Go ahead. Call me a sports junky! Whether it's soccer, football, basketball, hockey, baseball or racing... I watch it all. Sports are edgy, intense and filled with drama. Yet they also possess artistry, grace and passionate emotional connections.


Video games are one of the purest forms of user engaged entertainment. There's a real thrill peering around corners to see if there is a terrifying creature waiting to attack you. There's also sadness when we see a character die off within the storyline. Why do I love video games so much? Simply, becoming that character and being along for an adventure in epically fantastical worlds.

Art & Music

Music can move us. Inspire us. Twist us into tears one minute, only to have us smiling and belting out lyrics at the top of our lungs the next minute. Art is expressive. Visually we convey thoughts and emotions whether on paper, canvas, televisions or movie screens. When combined, Art and Music can be an unstoppable force that creates powerful content and entertainment.


My outliers! I love these spots for their cinematic quality, emotional storytelling and in one case the inventiveness of being immersed into a world of frozen time.